Date Day

006003Experience has taught me that the more I look forward to something, the bigger a disappointment it will be.

Probably because reality can’t live up to my expectations.

This was the case during our highly anticipated Friday date day. There was nothing inherently wrong with the day. It just wasn’t as special as I’d hoped.

The first disappointment was lunch.

We hoped to go to the Parliament Building restaurant.

The Parliament Building is a focal point on Victoria’s Inner Harbour. I once took a class there on a field trip. The highlight of the tour–the portraits of BC’s premiers, including one who died shortly before his picture was to be taken. Being a Victorian portrait photographer wasn’t for the faint of heart. The fresh corpse was propped in a wing chair and the photo shoot went ahead as planned.

The dining room for the politicians is open to the public, but we can’t often go because it’s closed weekends. It was our first choice for our rare weekday out. Unfortunately, it was the first choice for a number of other diners. We were turned away because we didn’t have reservations.

We went to Pagliacci’s. It was nice, but not what we wanted.

After lunch, we went house shopping. We’re thinking of making a move and had a short list of about ten places to view. None of them was even close to what we’re looking for. It was discouraging.

The day wasn’t a total loss, though:

We had a sweet moment when I told my sailor he’s my best friend. Surprisingly I’ve never told him that before, but I realized that I can tell him things I don’t even share with the dog. That’s trust!

I didn’t eat the luscious peanut butter cream I picked up for our boy at Rogers. This is quite an achievement for a chocoholic like me and I believe it demonstrates the strength of my maternal devotion.

It was sunny and warmish–a perfect day for wandering downtown.

Small moments to celebrate in an otherwise meh day.


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