Musical Beds

We’re having a heat wave…a tropical heat wave.

Hot weather is lovely (in theory), but our Canadian home was designed to retain heat through the winter, not to stay cool in summer.

A/C? Nope. Not us.

Conditions in the Sailor household are less than optimal.

As we each search for relief, we’re playing musical beds.

My sailor moved to the basement because it’s slightly cooler down there. I attempted to migrate south along with him, but the thin droopy mattress on the sofa bed sent me scurrying back to the relative comfort of a real bed upstairs.

My boy had already taken over the master bedroom because the bedside table is big enough for his computer and the fan he keeps running nonstop. It seemed a natural transition for him to just sleep there once he’d finished playing or surfing or whatever he does.

That left my boy’s bedroom.

Sleeping in a different bed in your own house is kind of like going on vacation, except it’s not as much fun and you can’t brag about it to your friends or post pictures on Facebook.

Yesterday my sailor went back to Powell River to do some stuff for his mom.

I was awake most of the night because it was too hot to sleep and I’m always a bit jumpy when he’s not around. My sweaty eyes were finally getting sleepy when I heard a crash.

Was it downstairs or outside? Unfortunately the sleep-deprived brain is not a precise creature, so I had no idea where the bang came from.

I had two options: cower in bed hoping whoever (whatever?) was thumping around in the basement would leave of its own accord, or go downstairs to investigate.

Surprisingly I chose option two. Wielding a threatening pink Depression glass vase (the only remotely weapon-like object I could find) I crept down the stairs, confident I’d be able to deal with whatever I found–as long as it was a florist.

In the basement, I screamed like a girl when I came face to face with a huge, aggressive … daddy long legs spider. (Can the really big ones knock over boxes?)

Heart still thumping, I made myself a cup of tea and settled down to watch a few episodes of My Name is Earl because nothing soothes you in the middle of a scorching night like a steamy caffeinated beverage.

Tonight I’ll be wishing for three things: cooler temperatures, my sailor’s return and sleep, delicious sleep.

9 thoughts on “Musical Beds

  1. Greetings sailor’s lass. Thought I would pay a visit to your past. Hope August is a little better this year!! Absolutely hilarious post. “Sleeping in a different bed in your own house is kind of like going on vacation, except it’s not as much fun and you can’t brag about it to your friends or post pictures on Facebook.” TOO many grins to count. Best wishes and jubilant cheers to you!

    Autumn Jade

      • No rush. Will be here to welcome your return when you can. Glad your summer is going well! Hope you still have wonderful little moments of relaxation and peace to enjoy, rife with visiting creatures of the forest. I am thinking back to the visit you had from a deer some time ago. πŸ™‚ Anyhow, thinking of you all. Cheers,

        Autumn Jade

  2. We put fans in the non-bedroom windows blowing outward. makes a nice breeze in through the bedroom.
    Also, they’re easier to get, cheaper to run and easier to store than air conditioners. Hasn’t quite gotten hot enough here to need to put them in…

  3. Can you send some heat here – I’m (excuse the language) f****** freezing. I’m freezing. I repeat: I’m freezing. So much so, that I’m thinking of trying to find my sweater. (Just kidding, Nanette). I’m freezing. (Keep running the hands under the hot tap (faucet) to thaw out. Delightful blog posting however!

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