Highlights of Easter Weekend 2014

4. The pitter patter of little…paws! Our nephews in Ontario adopted a dog this weekend. We haven't met her yet, but she looks awfully cute on Facebook. She, along with our adorable puppy-in-law in Alberta, brings the total of family pooches we have yet to meet up to two. Although I get car sick, I'm thinking a road trip this summer would be a great opportunity to meet these two cuties.

3. Cherry blossoms and ocean views. Every year we go to the Wardroom for Easter brunch. Even though the weather was drizzly and blah, the views from our table were spectacular. (In addition to the dashing uniforms the Navy's ocean front venues are a bonus that other branches of the military just can't match.) The eraser pink cherry blossoms in the parking lot were pretty special, too.

2. Nothing says Easter weekend like martial arts! Okay, it's not quite Easter news, but my boy had a Tae Kwon Do test on Thursday night. I'm not allowed to stay and watch because my (surprisingly loud) gasps distract him while he's sparring. So while, I can't speak about his technique, I can share that he passed to the next belt level and I couldn't be more proud.

1. I resisted the urge to eat any of my boy's Easter chocolates in the weeks leading up the big day! Because the Easter Bunny is a very busy rodent at this time of year, he foolishly delivered my boy's chocolates before Easter. I found a boy-proof hiding spot and avoided scarfing any of them down myself. In case, you're not suitably impressed by this feat of willpower and good motherhood, know that the Easter Bunny provided delicious Rogers' Chocolates this year. That's right–I had a selection of Rogers' Chocolate eggs and bunnies in my kitchen for over a week and didn't touch them. Sometimes I impress myself.

3 Deep Dark Sailor Secrets Revealed!

People tell me I’m fortunate to be married to my sailor. “He’s such a kind, caring husband,” they say. “You’re so lucky to have him!”

It’s nice that they appreciate his positive qualities, but no one ever tells him he’s lucky to have me.

I think it’s time to reveal some sailor secrets. Sure, he’s a pretty good husband, but he’s far from perfect. In fact there have been a number of recent sailor-related disappointments.

Here are they are in no particular order:

1. Since he moans about my movie selections (the last one I dragged him to was Saving Mr. Banks) I found a manly adventure with a thrilling nautical theme–Sharknado! Is it a weather-related disaster story or a terrifying shark tale? It’s both! It’s way outside my comfort zone, but I wanted to share a cinematic experience with my sailor. Sadly even the high action of Sharknado wasn’t enough to keep me awake once we snuggled up to watch it. I fell asleep soon after the hero repelled over the side of a bridge to rescue a school bus full of stranded teenagers terrorized by sharks swimming along the freeway. The next day when I suggested we watch it again so I could see the ending, my sailor refused. I won’t repeat his review, but if I want to find out how Sharknado ends (and who wouldn’t?) I’m on my own.

2. He won’t attend a local charity event with me. It’s for charity. It’s quality time we could spend together. What’s not to like? Apparently, plenty. He grimaced when I suggested it, but I almost had him when I mentioned there’d be cake and coffee.

“But I’ll probably be the only guy there…”

“I think there’ll be a few male models.”

“It’s a men’s fashion show?”

“Not exactly. It’s wedding fashions from the 1920’s to the 1960’s!”

I lost him there.

3. The turkey issue remains unresolved. I grew up with certain expectations, namely three turkeys a year–Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. His family culture doesn’t include an Easter turkey so he won’t cook one despite my considerable nagging. Our Easter tradition includes brunch at the Wardroom. It’s a lovely event, but nothing says Easter to me like a loved one spending a day in the kitchen roasting me a turkey.

Am I lucky to have my sailor? I suppose, but he’s pretty lucky to have me, too.