Women’s History Month and Procrastination

Oh my gosh!

I have to write something about women’s evolving role in the Canadian military before Wednesday. It has to be interesting and it must be accompanied by two relevant photos.

It’s because March is Women’s History Month. Unhinged and Empowered Navy Wives and Girlfriends, the blog on which I guest post, is focussing on women’s history in honour of our special month.

I’m a woman. I like history. I should feel affirmed and respected because my gender gets its very own month to celebrate our history and achievements. Instead I’m stressing, sweating and procrastinating.

I don’t know what to write! The clock is ticking and instead of finding inspiration, I’m back in Mr. Hanon’s grade twelve history class on that terrible day I drew a complete blank about the British North America Act, the topic of our surprise quiz, and even worse, I was too shy to talk to Malcolm, the dreamy boy who sat behind me.

The Internet, my source of information and too much international shopping, has provided reams of facts. Did you know Canadian Army Medical Corps Sisters in the First World War were nicknamed “Bluebirds” because of their colourful uniforms? Neither did I. How about the fact that Canadian Army nurses during WWII were the first in any Allied military to be given officer status? Woo hoo–go Canada! I just can’t figure out how to put this trivia into some kind of cohesive post that doesn’t read like a dry history paper.

So what am I doing? Researching and writing an interesting and entertaining post about all the dedicated and courageous women who have served our country through the years? (Shakes head shamefully) I’m engaging in a detailed Facebook discussion about which TV show to start after binge watching the final seasons of Breaking Bad. I’ve heard Dexter is good, but someone else recommends House of Cards and another, Utopia.

3 Ways Blogging Can Change Your Life:

002I’ve been a busy blogger.

In addition to my three posts per week on The Sailor’s Woman, I’ve been writing a monthly guest post on Unhinged and Empowered Navy Wives and Girlfriends since before Christmas. To be honest, it’s a little unnerving because Unhinged Navy Wives has a much bigger audience than The Sailor’s Woman.

However, nerves aside, it’s been a positive experience. Blogger/novelist Stephanie Carroll has been amazingly patient with me, talking me through the process of posting on a different format (Unhinged Navy Wives is on Blogspot) and providing lots of helpful advice on everything from formatting my text to positioning my photos and writing catchy titles for my posts.

My most recent post, “5 Tips for Coping With Family Life & the Navy Homecoming” was featured on Navy Scuttlebut Daily, an online forum which includes popular Navy-themed stories from sources all over the interweb.

Well done, me!

Because I’ve learned that lists are googled more often than other blog titles, I’ll conclude with my personal top three benefits of blogging.

1. If you’re a wannabe writer who is also lazy, blogging is good because it forces you to write regularly. If you’re like me and follow rules religiously, setting yourself a regular posting schedule will ensure you write just to meet your self-imposed deadline.

2. Managing your own blog will force even the most technically inept person to learn SOME basic computer skills. Since starting The Sailor’s Woman at the beginning of the summer, I’ve become fairly comfortable with posting on WordPress. I can schedule posts ahead of time, upload photos and even post in a standard or gallery format. I still can’t insert photos in the middle of a post, but I’m not too bothered about that. I can learn more and get better. The technical sky’s the limit for me!

3. There is an undeniable thrill each time you hit that publish button and send your darling words out into the universe. I won’t say it’s like giving birth because it’s much less messy, but there is a feeling of accomplishment with each post.