The Nanette Handbag

I like to buy Canadian-made products whenever possible.

I like to buy handbags whenever possible.

Those two facts have led me to spend far too much money at Roots. (Note to my Sailor: if you’re reading this, please turn off your computer and go make yourself a sandwich or something.)

Roots sells beautiful leather bags that are (you guessed it) made in Canada. They’re the only Canadian-made purses I’ve found. (And I’ve looked, believe me!)

They’re made of thick, rich leather at the Roots factory in Toronto. They’re not cheap, but a Roots purse is an investment piece. It will last forever. In fact, it will age more gracefully than the woman who carries it.

Many Roots handbags are named for women. There have been Catherine, Kristine, Annie and Shirley to name a few.

As a purse aficionado, I have envisioned the perfect bag. It must be simple and classic, with grab handles and a detachable crossbody strap. It’s made of soft, squishy leather, with at least one outside pocket and several inside pockets for organization. It’s a rich neutral colour. Although black is the pinnacle of classic neutrals, chocolate brown, rich saddle or oxblood are also acceptable.

I’ve sent my want list to Roots along with the most special suggestion of all: it should be called the Nanette Bag!

To have a handbag named after me would be an honour without equal (especially since all the planets and continents have already been claimed).

I invite (implore!) readeers to email Roots to ask them to make the Nanette Bag.

(Hmm–maybe I should start a petition for the Nanette Bag.)