Girlish Pursuits

002I’m obsessed with internet reviews.

I waste hours reading reviews of things I already own, products I’d like to try and even services and edibles. So when I booked myself a pedicure for the long weekend (yay!) it was a given that I’d scour the net for spa reviews, even though I’ve been before so I know I’ll have a lovely experience.

As expected, most were A+ ratings–words like lovely, beautiful, professional and clean (especially important when you’re talking touchy-feely services like pedicures or massages.)

One review, though, stood out: “Horrible! My husband and I booked the Embrace package (apparently a side by side couple’s experience including the man’s pedicure I’d tried unsuccessfuly to nag my sailor into.) My pedicure was okay, but my husband needs another pedicure because he still has dirt under his toenails. Apparently cleaning dirt from under the nails isn’t included in the pedicure.”

Umm–who has visible dirt under their toenails? Aren’t issues like that resolved through regular bathing? Even more disturbing, who admits to having an abundance of dirt under their toenails? If I had this unfortunate condition, you can bet I’d never breathe a word about it to anyone, even an anonymous spa review site.

The fun thing about these online reviews is that management sometimes responds to the outrageous ones.

I wasn’t disappointed in this case:

“I apologize that the technician wasn’t able to fully remove ALL of the dirt under your husband’s toenails in the one hour we allocate for pedicures.”

Ewww! Not only did her husband have dirty toenails, but there was so much grime under there it couldn’t all be scraped out in an hour. How filthy were his feet?

I put this gross review out of my mind, focussing instead on the upcoming treat of my first pedicure in over a year.

Until I realized they might use the files and scrapers from Mr. Filthy Feet’s pedicure on me–ewww!

It’s as I always suspected. No good comes from reading stuff online.