How Awesome are You?

M posted a quiz on Facebook–How Awesome is Your Husband?

Her husband is 86% awesome.

I love quizzes. I love to be successful on quizzes.

My sailor is pretty damn awesome so this quiz was like a gift–an opportunity to bask in the reflected glory of his awesomeness.

Sigh–he’s only 56% awesome.

I called him at work to share the bad news. His reaction?

“Don’t post that on Facebook!”

I decided to take the sister quiz–How Awesome is Your Wife? We all know how jaw droppingly awesome I am. All I had to do was answer the questions as my sailor would and I’d get my super high score. The only downside to doing the quiz on my sailor’s behalf–I couldn’t share the results of a “How Awesome is Your Wife” quiz without causing some confusion.

Turns out confusing my Facebook friends about my sexual orientation was the least of my worries. Apparently I’m only 65% awesome.

When my sailor got home, I sat him down at the computer. We went through both quizzes together.

I was determined to uncover our inner awesomeness!

We were especially generous (yet honest) in our responses. Our scores increased.

My sailor peaked at 64% awesome. Sigh–I couldn’t get beyond 69% awesome.

We learned two things from this experience.

1. We are obviously meant to be together as we are mutually mediocre.
2. M’s husband must be a saint.