The Joys of Mid-Week Hookey


My sailor’s post-deployment leave ends this week. (Insert sad face.) After more than a month of holidays, he’ll head back to his drab little cubicle to resume defending truth, justice, democracy and the Canadian way of life.

I realize these are fairly important, but I wish he could stay home a little longer.

It’s been a treat to have my sailor around when I come home for lunch to visit the dog even if I have begun to sound like a 1950’s husband at times. “Why didn’t you load the dishwasher? What have you been doing all morning? Where’s my martini?” Okay, I don’t actually demand a martini when I get home, but I do get a little testy when I find the kitchen’s a mess.

Next week, it’s back to being one of the ladies who lunch as the dog and I bond over kibbles (her) and Pringles, coffee and whatever chocolate I can find (me).

My sailor and I have planned one last hurrah of fun before it’s back to business as usual. I’m taking an unpaid day of leave on Friday so we can hang out together.

Everything’s more fun when it happens on an unexpected day off so I have high hopes for Friday even though we haven’t actually planned anything.

Even without plans, there are three undeniable joys of mid-week hookey:
1. The work week is only four days long. It’s only Tuesday, but I only have two more days of work–yes!
2. You can linger over lunch, smirking at the worker bees who have to pass on wine and don’t have time for cheesecake because they have to rush back to their offices.
3. You can get an early start on grocery shopping and be out of there before the after work crowd comes along, slowing everything down. (Yes, I realize how dull this makes me sound.)