Your Three Favourite Meryl Streep Movies

001Like any parent, I’ve seen plenty of movies I had no interest in: the entire Batman series, Tron (twice!), The Hobbit, Star Trek… You get the idea. The boy’s taste in movies is quite different from mine, but I cheerfully go to his choices because it’s a chance for us to spend time together and it gives us something to talk about afterwards. That our movie-initiated discussions often develop into deeper, more personal conversations is the pay off for sitting through Tron (twice!)

Our latest movie experience was The Lone Ranger. Although cowboys and train robberies aren’t really my thing, I admit I kind of wanted to see this one because it had the ultimate great movie guarantee: Johnny Depp. I could watch him groom his dog for two hours and feel I’d gotten my money’s worth, especially if he brushed Fido in 3-D. Sadly, even Depp’s awesome talent couldn’t save this one and the two and a half hour playing time dragged.

What kept this movie from being a total disappointment for me?–Time spent with my boy and the chat we had critiquing the film afterwards.

There’s something selfless about going to a movie you don’t want to see just to please someone else, and it’s another thing I miss about my sailor.

He good-naturedly attends chick flicks with me: Atonement, The Help, Julie and Julia… You get the idea.

Most recently, Hope Springs.

True, he flat out refused to participate in my pre-viewing activity on the way to the theatre. (“Let’s each name our three favourite Meryl Streep movies! You go first!”)

He almost left when I finally told him what the movie was about during the previews. (“Um–a middle-aged couple goes for marriage counselling.” “No really–what’s it about?”)

And when the final scene faded to an artistic blur and I said, “I think it’s over,” he displayed the only spark of enthusiasm I’d seen all evening, exclaiming, “God, I hope so!”

I love going to movies with him so much that I’m compiling a list we can watch together when he gets home. I can’t wait to tell him!