To My Mom…

Today’s the anniversary of my mom’s death. She died of cancer. She was a bright, vibrant woman who died far too young at fifty-nine.

It’s not as raw as it was, but I still miss her and think of her most days. When something wonderful (or not so good) happens, I want to pick up the phone to share the news with her.

Even as an adult, there’s a sad feeling of being motherless that doesn’t fade.

I’m often told I look like her, which I consider a great complement.

I like to think we share some character traits, too.

She was friendly, empathetic and funny (boy was she funny!) She was also intelligent, determined, devoted to her family and unfailingly positive. (Okay, I’m not exactly positive, but six out of seven isn’t bad.)

Today, I’ll think of my mom, but I’ll also take some time to show kindness and appreciation to my loved ones who are still around.