Victoria Day Cont.

I love a parade! (Who doesn’t?)

Here are a few pictures from the Victoria Day parade last weekend.

The cyclists in bright spandex are the Cops For Cancer, a group of police officers from local detachments who ride the length of Vancouver Island to raise money for cancer research every September. They should really be called the Cops Against Cancer.

Every parade needs a beauty queen and the Victoria Day parade has Miss Vancouver Island. To be honest, I didn’t realize there was a Miss Vancouver Island so I don’t think the pageant is well publicized, but I’m sure her mom and dad are proud of her.

I thought the cheerleaders should have gym mats under them when they started throwing that girl around. Lucky for her they were really good so no one got dropped on the pavement.

My favourite part of the parade: all the awesome high school bands. It’s a pleasure to see so many talented young people participating in a community event like this. The ones in the gorgeous uniforms with the tall plumed hats are American high school bands. (A number of bands come from Washington state to participate in the Victoria Day parade.) The ones dressed like used car salesman are from a Victoria high school.

You can probably guess which uniforms I prefer, but all the musicians were equally talented and well prepared.

I love a parade! The beat of the drums…