Living Life Backwards

011Peter Wells who blogs at Counting Ducks sent me an electronic copy of his new novel, Living Life Backwards.

I enjoyed Living Life Backwards and recommend it to others.

It’s a short novel and an easy read. It’s not action-packed, but relies on evolving family relationships and character growth to drive the plot.

The protagonist and narrator, Bill, has married into a close-knit family who live in a seaside village. (My secret dream is to live in a pretty English village so I love this setting.)

Living Live Backwards drew me in and hooked me right from the start. There’s an element of suspense that begins on page one and doesn’t resolve itself until the final chapter.

Throughout the novel Bill reveals snippets of information about himself and the circumstances that brought him into his wife Katie’s life. We also learn about Katie’s extended family, particularly Misty, Katie’s cousin and a pivotal character in the novel.

Living Life Backwards is not all aga saga set in the village. There’s international travel, which makes the over-protective families slightly nervous, and the totally modern concept of internet dating that doesn’t turn out quite as expected.

The ending is surprising, but believeable and satisfying.

Anglophones who love village stories should read Living Life Backwards. So should readers who enjoy character development and gentle suspense.