The Little Things Make all the Difference

A few little things that have brightened my grumpy mood and brought some Christmas magic:

1. The ratty angel from my childhood Christmas tree. She’s not as glitzy as contemporary ornaments, but she has something even better than sparkles and glitter–history and happy memories.

2. Key lime pie at Pagliacci’s! I know–it doesn’t get much better than this.

3. Lights! How can you not be cheerful when all the houses are dressed up for the season?

4. Breakfast of champions: coffee with Bailey’s, homemade shortbread (thank you, Sailor!) and a Bliss Ball*. This would be wrong on so many levels as the start of a work day or even a busy Saturday, filled with errands and chores, but during the holidays? It’s perfection!

5. Time to cuddle up and watch a movie under a big comfy blanket with my sailor, our boy and of course, our little Mexican friend.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015!

*Bliss Balls are all natural, sugar-free chocolate “truffles” I found at a health food store. They have a delicious, dense texture because they’re made with minced dates and, although they’re quite different from actual chocolates, they’re quite nice.

Date Night

Our annual date night has come and gone.

This year we went to the Magnolia Hotel, a beautiful property downtown that offered a Black Friday special when I booked it before Christmas. Our bottom of the line, budget room even included an ocean view–bonus! Double bonus–it was a clear enough that we could actually see said view from our window.

After dinner we engaged in the kind of reckless behaviour that can strain even the tightest relationships–we shared dessert. The chosen dessert was a silky, creamy wedge of key lime pie. Although it was a generous serving with a huge mound of softly whipped cream alongside, I know I could have eaten two or three pieces myself. As it was, I probably ate about three quarters. (My fork easily outpaced my sailor’s. He’s not much of a sweets guy.)

We were at crunch time–one final bite remaining on the plate. My sailor’s fork hovered above it. “Can I have the last bit?”

“Mmmphhh,” I mumbled, mouth filled with key lime pie.

Any idiot would have known that grunt meant, “Hands off! It’s mine!”

Sadly my sailor is not any idiot. He took my proprietary grunt as an invitation to finish dessert.

At times like this, I take a deep breath and remind myself that he has only recently returned from war and I’m lucky to have him. It also helps to consider how many minutes of jogging it would take to burn off that last delicious morsel of key lime pie.