Woo Hoo!–A J. Crew Review

011002I rarely order from J. Crew since they started gouging Canadians. (Insert sad face.) Before they opened their first stores in Canada, I could order off the American website. Now, I’m redirected to a special website with higher prices whenever I attempt to initiate an order.

Recently J. Crew offered an additional 40% off sale items. Wow! There were good deals to be had even for those of us paying inflated prices based on our nationality.

I got a pair of dark matchstick jeans. I have a few pairs of J. Crew jeans and their sizing is consistent enough that I can order online and be confident they’ll fit as well as my old favourites. I love skinny jeans like these. I wear them with ballet flats when the weather isn’t too bad and with boots for the rest of the long wet winter.

I also got a couple of long sleeve perfect fit T’s as well–navy and white. Long sleeve T’s aren’t too exciting, but they’re staples in my winter uniform of a cardigan with a top or T underneath. J. Crew’s are cosy and soft and I know from past experience they’ll wash beautifully and not become all shapeless and saggy after only a few launderings.

The highlight of my order (and evidence of my purse addiction): the beautiful Brompton Hobo in soft, smooshy pebbled leather. It has lots of pockets for organization and a cross body strap that’s a must for a busy day at museums and galleries or (who am I kidding) just grocery shopping and running errands. It’s a plain, classic bag with no logos or tags for those of us who prefer not to advertise for wealthy handbag companies. Its only embellishment is a darling little brass turn lock. It reminds me of the clasp on a diary I had as a child. (With a snoopy older brother on site, I needed a sturdy lock on my journal.)

I trolled blog reviews of the Brompton Hobo for over a week before finally ordering this bag. J. Crew stylists are usually spot on putting together stunning outfits, but they dropped the ball on the Brompton Hobo. It looks horrible in the style guide (catalogue). They’ve stuffed it so full it’s like a swollen leather animal with handles. In real life, it’s a big bag, but so soft and squishy it’s not nearly as cumbersome as in the catalogue.

Would I have paid full price for it? Probably not, but with the sale and the extra discount, I got a great deal on a tough leather bag that will look just as beautiful in five years as it does today.