Book Vs Movie

001A while ago I blogged about discovering Game of Thrones.

I was initially hooked by the exciting storylines. Add compelling characters, fabulous costumes and amazing scenery and I was powerless to resist.

Terri Lively, a fellow blogger, mentioned the graphic violence in later seasons. At that point I’d only seen season one and although I thought it was fairly violent, it wasn’t any worse than most of what’s on TV these days.

I think I’ve reached the scenes to which she referred. Horrific is the only word to describe them. I close my eyes and plug my ears while they’re on screen. (Really? This is how I spend my precious leisure time–trying not to watch the show playing on my TV??? It’s crazy!)

Weirdly, this particular horrible storyline doesn’t drive the plot. A quick online search indicates these scenes aren’t even in the book. For some reason, they were added to the screen adaptation. And I can’t figure out why.

I’m caught up in the stories, but I just can’t watch anymore so I’m going to give the book a try.

I love reading. The book is always better than the movie. Apparently there’s not as much graphic violence in the novel.

Sounds like win, win, win.

The Lady of Wolfthorn Hall

013I’m late to the party, but I’ve finally arrived!

The Game of Thrones party, that is.

Sure, I’d heard the buzz around this throney drama, but I was too busy catching up on Breaking Bad, Rome and The Walking Dead to start another show. This week, my sailor convinced me to give Thrones a try.

Let me tell you, after binge watching season one, I get why it’s so popular and all the cool kids are fans.

The allure of Game of Thrones goes deeper than its compelling plot. Game of Thrones is the first show I’ve ever watched where my life imitated art. (A good thing considering my other favourites feature insatiable zombies and violent meth cooks.)

No, I didn’t start receiving messages via raven instead of email. I ran out of deodorant on Sunday.

I had to use my sailor’s Old Spice. I expected I’d smell like a pirate until I read the scent name: Wolfthorn–ooh!

Forget pirates. Wolfthorn could be a Game of Thrones location. (It’s left of Winterfell and south of Kings Landing.) There’s even a crest on the label–two animals (wolves?) cuddled up, paws entwined. If I was a princess, I’d want a crest like that, except with Chihuahuas instead of wolves.

I looked forward to smelling slightly earthy with a hint of wood smoke and notes of leather and hay. How exciting! I would smell like a knight!

Surprisingly, Wolfthorn is crisp and lemony. It’s almost as fresh and pretty as my usual green tea and cucumber deodorant.

Who knew all those rugged knights smelled like girls?