‘Tis the Season

With the holidays approaching, the staff Christmas party rears its ugly head.

We’re a pretty low-key bunch, so it’s just a catered lunch followed by a staff meeting. (Woo Hoo! Who ever said people in special education were boring?) There’s usually a secret Santa gift exchange after lunch.

I’m fairly festive and come from a long line of Christmas celebrants. I happily give thoughtful presents to family and close friends. This organized work gifting, however, has always felt forced and kind of a waste of money.

C. sent a group email suggesting we all donate to the local food bank instead of the gift exchange.

E. responded with a grumpy group email accusing C. of sucking the FUN out of Christmas. She suggests that anyone who doesn’t want FUN and good cheer can just join C. in collecting non-perishable items for the food bank, but everyone who values FUN and spending happy, social time with colleagues can contact her to sign up for the gift exchange which she has volunteered to organize.

The rest of us are feeling like the friends of a divorcing couple, not sure which side to be on.

And it’s not even December yet…