Carrots are a Girl’s Best Friend

It must have been a slow day at the jewellery store because the girl behind the counter encouraged me to try on some aspirational rings.

My top pick: a 3 carat beauty going for only (wait for it!) $35,999.

(Does anyone really spend that much on a ring? Come on–fess up!)

I must admit it looked pretty darn good on my hand.

I snapped a picture to show my sailor.

“What do you think?” I asked after sharing the specs and the price. “It is Valentine’s Day.”

“Let’s go to Save On Foods. I’ll get you three carrots there.”

I did say no chocolates, so three bright crunchy carrots isn’t such a bad idea.

With This Ring…

I don’t watch much TV (well, except for Downton Abbey) and although I enjoy movies, I rarely manage to stay awake to the end of a DVD. My time-wasting activity of choice is the internet.

I spend hours just…surfing aimlessly. It’s shocking really how much of my life I fritter away at my computer.

But the internet is literally the world at my fingertips. How can I resist its siren call?

My latest addiction is a wedding site. (Don’t ask me why as I’m neither planning a wedding nor planning to attend one.)

It’s fascinating stuff and very educational.

I’ve learned my engagement ring would be considered a “starter” diamond by many of today’s brides (if it was accepted at all.) Apparently my sailor’s proposal wasn’t quite up to snuff, either, so at least he’s consistent!

Most interesting is the current language of on-line brides.

Against my better judgement, I followed the link titled “What to do about my difficult BM?” (Whew–in bride-speak, a BM is a Brides Maid.)

Even more alarming was the plea from another bride: “Advice Needed!!! STD Challenges!”

Yikes! Absolutely NOT speaking from personal experience here, but I empathized with this bride’s panic…until I learned an STD is a Save the Date card sent out prior to the official invitation to warn guests to, you guessed it, save the date.

I’m glad I’m already married. I don’t think I’m up to the drama of twenty-first century wedding planning.