Bye Bye, Babies

Ugh–the house is full up to the rafters. I don’t know how (or why) we accumulated so much stuff, but it’s dragging me down.

I read decorating magazines and watch HGTV relentlessly. I’m realistic enough to admit I’ll never have a perfect house like the ones featured, but I still look for inspiration. Maybe my house can resemble a professionally decorated home if the lights are dim or I’m not wearing corrective lenses.

The secret of these shows finally struck me one evening after Sarah Richardson unveiled a kitchen to die for–there’s no clutter! It’s the same reason a hotel room is so appealing and soothing when you first check in. All the surfaces are clean and clear. There’s room to move.

I’d like to see a show where they follow-up on these newly designed spaces a month or so later. I bet we’d see coffee makers, toasters, half-eaten loaves of bread and, if the homeowners are like me, an overflowing basket of bits and pieces that don’t fit in the junk drawer because it’s too full.

Now I’ve cracked the code, I can work toward my goal of a house that doesn’t exhaust me because it’s over stuffed.

De-cluttering is in full speed–handbags and clothing for the consignment store, more clothing, books and household objects for the SPCA thrift store.

I’m not the only one.

Everyone seems to be in the mood of lightning and emptying. When visiting friends, I’ve learned not to complement anything as they’ll pack it up and send it home with me. (This is how I ended up with a pashmina, a vase and a set of cushions that are currently taking space in the spare bedroom in the basement.)

I’m guilty of this myself, sending various guests home with a teapot, a pot plant and even a set of curtains.

If I can work fast enough, I’ll be able to enjoy a lovely, uncluttered home for a little while before all the Christmas parcels and presents begin arriving.