Me Day!

035038049051With our busy schedules, we didn’t have a chance to celebrate my recent birthday until Monday, the first day of our Spring Break holiday.

What’s better than a Monday that begins without a screaming alarm clock? A Monday when your nearest and dearest make you their number one priority. (I called it “Me Day.”)

The day was off to a roaring good start when I poured my first cup of coffee and remembered three special facts: I wasn’t going to be driving anywhere, it was St. Patrick’s Day and my Welsh mother had an Irish grandmother. Guess what that means? That’s right–Bailey’s in my coffee! It’s the best part of waking up!

I was surprisingly excited about Me Day. To fully celebrate me, I attempted to get my boys to run through the alphabet, listing a positive quality about me for each letter. Sadly, my sailor and my boy weren’t quite as enthusiastic as me. This exercise was abandoned when they generated words like annoying and bothersome.

After a relaxing walk downtown, we had lunch at the Legislative Dining Room. With its white table linens and bow tie wearing wait staff, The Leg is a blast from the the 1950’s. The menu is standard lunch fare–soups, salads and sandwiches. I had the wild salmon salad followed by the turtle torte (named for the delicious caramel pecan chocolates, not the quiet little reptiles.)

After lunch it was present time–woo hoo! My sailor gave me a silver Pyrrha talisman pendant. Not only is it lovely and meaningful, but it was made it Vancouver. I love buying local products.

Now if I can only figure out a way to celebrate Me Day again next month.

Rrroll Up the Rim

Things were much simpler when I was a kid.

The TV had twelve fuzzy channels. Anyone could operate it. Even me. Even me as a child.

In 2014 we enjoy digital sound and pictures so clear it’s like being inside the tube, except there isn’t a tube. It’s a magical flat screen that beams fantastical images accompanied by digital surround sound.

It’s supposed to be a huge improvement over the old poor quality sets, but it’s not. Instead of facilitating relaxation, the TV has caused numerous hissy fits when I want to catch the final reveal on What Not to Wear only to realize someone left the remote set to something other than TV. If there’s no one around to help me, I press buttons randomly, swear and toss the remote on the coffee table before grabbing a book. At least I can still open one of those without assistance.

Along with my beloved books, there are a few things that haven’t changed over the years.

The fridge still uses 1970’s technology. You plug it in once and that’s it. To use it, open the door and voila–cold food and snacks!

The dog is another fun retro addition to our home. She works in much the same way as childhood pets of years gone by–add kibbles, apply cuddles and walk daily. Anyone can operate the dog. Even me.

The Roll Up the Rim to Win contest at Tim Hortons is another of those familiar things I enjoy because I understand it. It never changes and the rules are pretty simple–buy coffee, drink coffee, roll up the rim on the cup and claim your prize if applicable.

I drink lots of coffee during Roll Up the Rim time at Tims. Who doesn’t like coffee, especially when it’s accompanied by the chance to win cool prizes like a donut or a Toyota?

Everything was good and I was happily rolling up my rims until I noticed something that changed everything on my third cup–a big blue arrow across from the yellow one.

This year’s cups have TWO spots to roll for prizes!

I might have thrown away two brand new Corollas!

I’d be tempted to just hibernate in my house until Roll Up the Rim to Win time is over if only I knew how to turn on the TV.