It’s a Guy Thing

My sailor found shopping heaven.

Cabela’s is a big ole huntin’ and fishin’ store. My sailor was drawn to it like a fly to a fresh cow pattie. I’m not sure why, since he neither hunts nor fishes.

It must be a guy thing.

Maybe it’s a gal thing, too.

I was fascinated by some of the stuff in there, particularly the extensive taxidermy displays. They had everything from moose to cougars to a family of foxes whose sharp little faces were eerily similar to our beloved Chihuahua’s. Looking into all those blank glass eyes was like visiting a zoo of death.

Luckily there was something fun and flirty to lighten the mood–a lingerie department!

My sailor was a little too enthusiastic, even offering to get me something.

He may have been disappointed by my choice.


With Christmas exactly three months away, I hope a camo bra or negligee isn’t in my future.