Dragon out the Process

After months of discussions, internet research and giggles (there are some funny boat names out there!) we’ve begun the process of renaming our boat.

And what a process it’s been!

Choosing the name was only the first step. We had to go to the boat shop to see the colour palette to pick the shade for the text. Then there was the search for graphics that would look good on the back (sorry, aft end) of the boat while enhancing the name.

Once we settled on the graphics, I made a mad lunchtime visit to the boat shop to select a different text colour as our initial choice would’ve clashed with the pictures.

My sailor delegated all this running around and organizing to me, which slowed the process because of my tendency to procrastinate.

But we got there–finally choosing not only name, text colour and font style, but accompanying images.

Once we had everything picked out, I cut and pasted the images and text together. Because I’m the least technical person on the West Coast, this involved actual scissors and a glue stick, along with detailed hand-written notes and arrows further clarifying what my sailor would’ve accomplished with a few clicks of a mouse. Then I used my phone to take a picture of my creation and emailed it to the boat shop.

We’ve just okayed the graphic artist’s version of my handiwork.

Since it’s not done, I don’t want to spill the beans completely.

Here’s a hint:

My sailor, following generations of mariners who’ve paid tribute to their lady loves by naming their vessels after them, chose this picture.


Two Bears

We are closer than ever to becoming a boating family!

I finally have a lifejacket–a snazzy purple model that’s almost as pretty as the dog’s. I chose it because it’s stylish. My sailor gave it a thumbs up because it’s Transport Canada approved.

We pick the boat up on Friday afternoon. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we’ll be living the cruising life on Saturday.

All that remains to be done is to dream up a good, no GREAT, name for our new boat. The current name, Two Bears, is nice, but it’s not really us. (The previous owners called themselves Big Bear and Little Bear, so Two Bears was perfect for them. We’re neither as cute nor as openly affectionate as them.)

In an effort to come up with the perfect name, I’ve been scouring the internet.

Some are clever (Angler Management). Some are cute (Your Ad Here).

Many are offensive (Wet Dreams, The Love Mussel, R Swipe).


My favourite, SS Minnow, has been vetoed by my sailor.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.