WordPress Family Award

#2I’m sending a huge thank you to British Blokes Cooking who nominated me for the WordPress Family Award ages ago. They are talented cooks with a wonderful blog (and a really cute dog!)

It’s lovely to be recognized by fellow bloggers. The requirements of this award are pretty simple–nominate ten fabulous blogs. They can carry the award forward if they wish by nominating ten others, continuing the cycle of goodwill.

It feels slightly pretentious for me to be nominating the following super-talented bloggers. (Who am I to presume to give them an award??? I should be reading and trying to learn from them!)

Here, in no particular order, are my nominations for the WordPress Family Award:

A Story A Day

Texana’s Kitchen

write meg!


Have Bag, Will Travel

Stories From The Stove

Sadie & Dasie

Lady Fi

Adventures of a Dog Mom


Consider this a big, virtual pat on the back.