Full, Happy Tummies

Passing an old drive-in in a dodgy part of town, my sailor and I noticed the parking lot was full…really full.

Craning our necks to see what was up, we saw a packed dining room through the large windows.

Later, a Facebook friend posted a picture of food in take-out containers along with a glowing recommendation of the new Indian restaurant in town.

Relying on the combination of a Facebook review and the crowds we’d seen, we decided to give it a try.

The decor was meh, the dining room tiny and (horrors!) the strongest drink available was Chai Tea. With so many strikes against it, one would think the Tandoori Junction would be an epic fail.

But it wasn’t! With an extensive menu, heavy on chicken and vegetarian dishes, there was plenty for a picky eater like me to choose from.

We shared Chicken Curry, Aloo Gobi (caulilower and potatoes in onion, tomato and garlic gravy) and Pea Pulao (Basmati rice and aromatic Indian spices, cooked with green peas and onions). We ordered medium spicy, and it was perfect–just enough heat to be really flavourful without a burn.

Sadly, I didn’t notice the dessert selections until we were ready to leave so I missed out on Kheer (Indian style rice pudding). Since rice pudding is one of my favourite things in the world, this was especially disappointing, but all is not lost! I’m certain we’ll go again and I’ll be prepared to save room for dessert.

The best part of dinner: leftovers for the next night (or late night snacking)!


4 thoughts on “Full, Happy Tummies

  1. It’s great to see that wonderful Indian cooking has reached the “other side of the pond”. It has long been a favourite in the UK and here in Abu Dhabi is a staple. Mainland Europe is slowly catching on, too.

    • We enjoyed a lot of good Indian food when we lived in England. It’s so warming and comforting–perfect for a cold, rainy night. I didn’t realize it was popular in Abu Dhabi. Is that because there are lots of British ex-pats there, or is there a large Indian population?

      • About 80% of Abu Dhabi’s population are expats, most of them from the Indian sub contininent. Curried and other spicy food is everywhere including the supermarkets who serve it ready to eat there and then. Because of all the different nationalities that come here to work we are lucky to have a great range of international restaurants.

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