With This Ring…

I don’t watch much TV (well, except for Downton Abbey) and although I enjoy movies, I rarely manage to stay awake to the end of a DVD. My time-wasting activity of choice is the internet.

I spend hours just…surfing aimlessly. It’s shocking really how much of my life I fritter away at my computer.

But the internet is literally the world at my fingertips. How can I resist its siren call?

My latest addiction is a wedding site. (Don’t ask me why as I’m neither planning a wedding nor planning to attend one.)

It’s fascinating stuff and very educational.

I’ve learned my engagement ring would be considered a “starter” diamond by many of today’s brides (if it was accepted at all.) Apparently my sailor’s proposal wasn’t quite up to snuff, either, so at least he’s consistent!

Most interesting is the current language of on-line brides.

Against my better judgement, I followed the link titled “What to do about my difficult BM?” (Whew–in bride-speak, a BM is a Brides Maid.)

Even more alarming was the plea from another bride: “Advice Needed!!! STD Challenges!”

Yikes! Absolutely NOT speaking from personal experience here, but I empathized with this bride’s panic…until I learned an STD is a Save the Date card sent out prior to the official invitation to warn guests to, you guessed it, save the date.

I’m glad I’m already married. I don’t think I’m up to the drama of twenty-first century wedding planning.

27 thoughts on “With This Ring…

  1. My goodness…I cannot stop laughing. I learned a lot already just from your synopsis, alone. WHOA. I would never survive all that outlandish fluff and hubbub. Goes far beyond me. These brides on the net certainly are serious! You’ve reminded me. A friend of mine is getting married in April. I don’t think I will get an STD in the mail from her, though. Or an invite. Hope not. I know me- I’d ruin everything…I’d fall down on some decoration or other, get tangled up in some mother-in-law’s hair, accidentally back into a BM, knocking a whole succession of them down like bowling pins…no…I think I will do my best avoid weddings…Superb post as always! Too many grins to count,

    smiling toad

    • Thank you for the positive comment. My own wedding was pretty low key. No one got an STD, but there was one unfortunate BM incident. (A falling BM landed on my skirt and tore the hem!) And our wedding cake was eaten by dogs, but that’s another story…

  2. By todays standards (ok, by standards that have been set in stone since the foundations of the Earth), my proposal and engagement ring would never stand the test of scrutiny. The proposal came from a phone booth, as I was in Toulon, France and she in the US. She didn’t get the ring until almost a month later when I got home. The ring cost less than $300, the wedding broke just over $100. All told, honeymoon and rings included, we spent less than $1000 to get hitched. 24 years later… still married. Go figure.

  3. We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last month. We had the most laid back wedding celebration (we threw a giant party at a lodge, and got married in the middle of it) and even we sent out Save the Dates (albeit via email). It’s the polite thing to do (especially if you have lots of long distance friends/family), and, other than getting married and having a cake, is the only “normal” wedding activity we engaged in.

    I kind of enjoyed lurking on wedding boards and secretly making fun of brides’ totally made-up/imaginary angst, though.

    • Happy belated anniversary! Your wedding sounds like it was delightful.

      I actually like the idea of Save the Dates as well, particularly for long distance guests. Unfortunately, part of me is stuck in high school Health class and every time I read STD on the wedding board, I immediately think Sexually Transmitted Disease. Maybe someone needs to think of a different abbreviation.

  4. You’re lucky as heck… These days (gosh! am I sounding old…) they think about the wedding and forget about the marriage… (sometimes)…

    • I wanted to be married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, but my sailor wouldn’t go for it. Sigh–still nursing those broken bridal dreams! However, I am grateful my own wedding was much less intense than these ones I’m reading about. Who has the time (or the money) for all this drama???

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