Clinique Not So Happy

I’m fortunate enough that when my sailor asked me what I wanted for Christmas, nothing immediately sprang to mind.

Other than big-ticket items like a Mediterranean cruise or a Speedy bag, I have everything I want. As for needs? I honestly don’t NEED anything. Like I said, I’m supremely fortunate.

So the only (reasonable) thing I could think of was a little luxury I haven’t used in years–Clinique Happy Body Wash, a “refreshing gel” that leaves skin “comfortable and lightly scented in clinique happy.” It’s not cheap, but I used to buy it sometimes as a treat that, unlike wine or chocolate, didn’t come with a high calorie count.

My sailor likes to keep me happy (pun intended), so a tube of body wash appeared under the tree.

Last night, I finally cracked it open, bringing a mug of tea, a good novel and a bee’s wax candle in the bathroom with me to complete the spa experience.


Either my tolerance for fragrance has gone way down, or the chemists at Clinique have turbo-charged their shower gel because I smelled liked I’d bathed in a vat of perfume. The scent was so strong it permeated the thick, teddy-bear fur of my onesie when I went to bed and I spent the night verging on a headache.

Next time my sailor asks what I want, I’ll be honest and tell him what would really make me happy. I’ll claim it’s a health and welfare issue.

After all, no one’s ever gotten sick from a Speedy bag.

21 thoughts on “Clinique Not So Happy

  1. Interesting. I used to love Happy, but then I became more sensitive to smells, and stopped using anything with any kind of fragrance. Most of Clinque’s make-up works for me because it’s fragrance-free. On the other hand, I do use Thymes shower and bath gels and body lotions, and the scent is light, not perfumey, and I tolerate it well.

    • I’ll have to check out Thymes products because I like to smell something nice while I’m in the bath, but don’t like the scent of perfume on myself for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t recommend Happy Body Wash for you if you’ve become sensitive to fragrance. It’s surprisingly strong.

  2. I am allergic to fragrance, so this whole scented bath products thing is an experience I’ve never had. You’d think they’d dial down on the perfume in their bath products, though. I’m sorry your special home spa experience didn’t work out so well. I hope that the tea, book, and candlelight still made it special. That’s all I need for a nice bath.

  3. Clinique Happy is my favourite perfume! Altough I haven’t had a bottle for a few years (I need to put that back on my list for the next occasion! I kind of forgot about it), and I’ve never tried the body wash, so I can’t comment on that. It would be interesting to know whether the product has changed or whether you’ve become more sensitive to the fragrance.

    • I stopped wearing perfume years ago when my workplace became scent-free so it’s possible I’ve become less tolerant of fragrances. That being said, I do use scented body wash, but I don’t find a lingering aroma once I’m out of the bath. The Happy body wash was another story. It was super strong. I can’t imagine the effect if I’d followed up with their body lotion. Maybe I’ll email the company to ask if they’ve changed their formula or if it’s just me.

  4. I was going to be silent henceforth – but how could I, when you created such a stink! My sister-in-law gave me some Vanilla and Soy Body Gel (she works for Arden) for my birthday. Honestly! I go around smelling like burnt coffee! I love it!

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