Corner Gas The Movie

We enjoyed some Canadian culture on the weekend–Corner Gas The Movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you may be too late.

It only has a one-week theatre run before hitting TV and a DVD bin near you.

Based on a TV series called, you guessed it, Corner Gas, the movie picks up the story of the residents of Dog River, Saskatchewan where things left off when the series ended in 2009.

We’re big Corner Gas fans. Not only is it well-written and really funny, but there’s no violence, sex or profanity. How often do you find a show like this?

The most amazing thing? It’s Canadian! Don’t get me wrong. I’m a proud Canadian and consider myself incredibly fortunate to live here, but in spite of all our wonderfulness, we’re a little…challenged…in the TV department. Corner Gas is the bright light in the line up of forgetful Canadian TV shows. (Okay–The Trailer Park Boys is memorable, too, but like a train crash. For the record, we’re not like Ricky and the boys–really!)

If you feel the need for some Canada in your life, take a trip to Dog River and hang out at the Ruby with the gang.

You might find yourself trying to convince your sailor to move to small town Saskatchewan. (Oh wait…that’s me!)

8 thoughts on “Corner Gas The Movie

  1. Corner Gas.. The Movie.. totes jealous. I loved that show. The curling episode still makes me laugh. And don’t get me started about the digital thermostat one too.. (oh, and while talking about Canadian TV.. The Red Green Show.. can’t forget that one.)

  2. We used to watch Corner Gas and loved it but then it was no longer shown here, Thanks for letting me know they have a movie. Great gift idea for Christmas πŸ™‚

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