The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys may not be critically acclaimed, but it’s one of my favourite movies.

It’s vampire movie with thrills, chills and a fair amount of humour, but fear not, it’s not too spooky. The scariest element is the vampires’ big fluffy hair. (Did I mention it’s a 1980’s flick?)

I was lucky enough to find the DVD in the $5 bin at Wal-mart in the week after Halloween. (Yes–you can really buy a piece of fine art for only $5 if the Universe is smiling at you!)

Unbelievably, my sailor had never seen The Lost Boys.

I saved it for this weekend when my sailor and I had nothing planned. I was excited to share it with him.

We cuddled up under the duvet to watch The Lost Boys, but something weird happened.

Although my sailor has a great sense of humour, he didn’t laugh–at all–not even at Edgar and Allan, the curious Frog brothers. Worse, he rolled his eyes during the climactic fight between the vampires and mortals.

Worst of all, his comment afterwards: “This is one of your favourite movies???”

Ack!!! The Lost Boys is fabulous. How could he not love it?

Now I can’t decide which isn’t as clever as I thought–The Lost Boys…or my sailor.

8 thoughts on “The Lost Boys

  1. I happen to love “I love Lucy”. I live in a universe all on my own apparently. I’ve given up foisting my preferences on… even whoever… anyone…

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