Only 49 Sleeps!

Once Halloween’s over, the countdown to Christmas starts. (With only 49 sleeps until the big day, there really isn’t a moment to lose!)

I noticed a variety of Advent Calendars on my travels. I can’t buy mine this early because I eat any chocolate the moment it comes into my house, but for those who like to plan ahead (and have a reasonable amount of self-control!) the stores are full of them.

For purists, there’s the basic, chocolate-a-day version. At only $1 per calendar, why not splurge and enjoy two or three chocolates each day? (If one chocolate is good, more have got be better, right?)

A little more upscale, the Kinder Surprise Calendar combines chocolate with nifty little toys. Sounds like a perfect Christmas combination!

If chocolate’s not your thing (are there really non-chocoholics out there???) the Lego Advent Calendar is a fun and playful way to count down the days until Santa arrives.

For those with more adult tastes, there is the beer Advent Calendar. Why not? Nothing says Christmas like counting down to the holidays with a brewski a day!

4 thoughts on “Only 49 Sleeps!

  1. Really? Only 49 sleeps to go! There’s not enough time!!! December is always crazy because both my kids have their birthdays in December too. I think I need that beer advent calendar, I wonder if I can buy that in England. I saw a picture of one last year that somebody had made themselves at home which was a wine one, with a bottle of wine for each day, that’s even more hardcore than the beer one!

    When we were kids we were happy with just having a picture behind each day’s flap, remember? Now everyone’s like – noooo, I need food and gifts in there! (and when I say “everyone”, I’m including myself!).

    • My parents weren’t cheap or poor, but I never had an Advent Calendar–not even one with only pictures behind the flaps. I think to make up for that, I need to find myself a wine and chocolate Advent Calendar. It would be the perfect ending to every busy December day.

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