The Purse Whisperer

My friend D rarely buys purses. (She’s more a shoe and coat person.) So it was exciting when she emailed a picture of her new handbag.

I liked it…really liked it…so much that I went to visit it at Hudson’s Bay.

I examined it. Carried it around the purse department and even took out the paper stuffing to see how it would hang if it wasn’t stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

But I didn’t buy it. Although I really liked the purse, I know that I can be influenced by peer pressure. (I’m lucky I hung with a nice group in high school or I might have gotten into some serious trouble.) Did I want the handbag just because D had it?

“I want your purse,” I said the next time I talked to D. (So much for introspection about my propensity to be guided by peer pressure!)

“Then buy it.”

“You won’t think I’m some creepy purse stalker?”

She sighed. “Just get the purse if you love it that much.”

I’m calling it my post-strike treat.

D called the next day.

“I bought our purse,” I said.

“I knew you would. It’s lovely.”

“Lovely and on sale! Mine was $65 less than yours.”


“Yes,” I said. “Clearly the shopping gods like me more than they like you.”

She grumbled a bit.

“Have you bought anything else I might like?” I asked.

10 thoughts on “The Purse Whisperer

  1. Handbags are something that I really struggle with, don’t know why, but I can never find one that I’m completely happy with. With shoes and clothes and all that, generally when I buy something and perfectly happy with it, but with handbags it’s always too big, or too small, or not enough pockets, or to dark inside, or too casual, or too smart, or uncomfortable to carry etc. Why can’t I be happier to please with handbags? WHY?!

    • You’ve just summarized my experience perfectly. I see a handbag in the store. Sometimes I even load it up with my stuff and carry it around. It’s not until I’ve been carrying it for a couple of days that I realize it doesn’t work for me, so the search continues. One problem is that I like larger bags, but they can get really heavy. The best feature of the bag the Purse Whisperer led me to is that it’s light so it’s comfortable to carry for an entire day of shopping. I may have finally found a purse that works for me! Except, I like a bag with a cross body strap, which this one doesn’t have…

  2. I have not idea why women like shoes, handbags and purses. No idea! Shoes are for comfort and my single pair now are more than 15 years old – and I last wore them over 3 years ago for a funeral. I have no purse, but a little wallet – also 15 years old. So what’s all this other stuff for? 🙂

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