A Face Even a Mother Can’t Love

I like kids.

Many of them are adorable.

I commented on a photo of a co-worker’s children–two gorgeous toddlers with cheeky grins and thick, glossy hair.

“How old are they?” I asked.

“Benson’s four and Rosie’s two.”

“They’re so cute!”

“Really? I’ve always thought they’re funny looking.”


It’s tedious when parents boast about their children, but shouldn’t they at least appreciate them a little?

4 thoughts on “A Face Even a Mother Can’t Love

    • I agree there isn’t always honsty about parenting. Maybe that’s why her response surprised me so much…or maybe it’s because her kids are really cute, not funny looking at all. (If they’d been funny looking, I wouldn’t have commented on them.) I love your movie title!

    • Oh no! I didn’t mean I think most kids are ugly. I think most of them are cute. That’s why I was shocked when this woman, who I believe to be a devoted mother, called hers funny looking. But I totally agree–mine (and yours, of course!) are beautiful! 🙂

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