The Ghost of Walmart

My sailor and I went to the mall on the weekend. Normally I have to twist his toned and muscular arm to get him near any shopping venue, but he needed to get some man stuff–duct tape and batteries–so he suggested the trip.

As usual when we go shopping together, I ditched him as soon I arrived in my happy place (the mall!) It’s not that I don’t enjoy our time together–he lurks.

He follows me from shop to shop, silently observing. He’s doesn’t judge or try to control my spending (although he has been known to exclaim, “Seriously? Another purse? How many do you need?”)

Nothing takes the fun out of shopping like a lurker…nothing except being on strike.

The stores were buzzing with back to school sales and school supplies–they were everywhere! I don’t know who’s buying them as there’s still no word on when we’ll be back in class. I haven’t bought my boy’s because a stack of unused supplies in a corner collecting dust and dog hair will just depress me.

Since school supply shopping was out I drifted to the clothing and shoe stores. Big mistake! After a summer in swingy little dresses, I’m ready for cozy sweaters and socks and boots–I love me some black leather riding boots!

But not having an income changes the shopping dynamic profoundly. I was like a TV ghost–I could see the shopping action but couldn’t participate in it because I’m not in the zone with the people who get paid. It was so unsettling, I stayed away from mirrors, half afraid I wouldn’t see a reflection.

I’m luckier than many because I know we’ll have food in our tummies and a roof over our Chihuahua no matter how long this drags on.

I believe in what we’re striking for and I support my union.

I’m taking a huge financial hit to stand up for quality public education for ALL kids, not just mine.

That actually feels better than another new purse.

9 thoughts on “The Ghost of Walmart

  1. What a terrific post. Your points are made with such finesse and wit. Loved the ‘man stuff’ I found myself actually LOL.
    Our little sailors are blessed if you’re teaching language. I’m going to choose to read your blog as my next ‘book’! Congratulations!
    Al Smith kelowna @literateowl

    • Thank you so much for the kind comments (I’m blushing!) and your support for public education.

      If you’re going to read my earlier posts, I should warn you that I accidentally deleted most of the pictures from them 😦 and I haven’t had the energy to back and try to fix them yet. (There are hundreds of photos missing. I’m very thorough!)

  2. I’m always so moved when people in the caring professions are compelled by their compassion to take this type of action, with all the consequences. Continuing good wishes for a successful resolution, happy kids and happy teachers. Oh, and maybe even a new purse to celebrate?

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