Wishing is Not Good Enough!

Who hasn’t seen Helen Mirren’s gorgeous bikini shot?

She claims it wasn’t posed or planned, and I believe her. Dame Helen presents as so talented and intelligent. I don’t think she’d go to the trouble of setting up a long lens paparazzi shot if she wanted to show the world how hot she is. She’d own her hotness and get herself a magazine spread.

Did I mention Helen Mirren is 69 years-old? Yep, that’s right. This bikini babe is pensionable!

What’s her secret, you ask.

Believe it or not, Helen Mirren owes her va-va-voom figure to the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force).

My research indicates she’s a devotee of the XBX Plan, a daily twelve-minute interval training program developed by the RCAF in the early 60’s. I found it online. It’s a surprisingly complicated system of charts, multiple levels and a catchy slogan: Wishing is not good enough!

Each activity is demonstrated by glamour girls in ballet leotards. I confess I haven’t exactly read the whole thing, even though I’ve been following the program (sort of) for the past couple of weeks.

According the RCAF circa 1960, if I keep it up I’ll have enough energy to both serve my country AND mop my kitchen floor! Best of all, I won’t develop unsightly bulging muscles (whew–that’s a relief!)

Men interested in pursuing available floor mopping opportunities will be happy to learn there’s a men’s version called the 5BX Plan.

While I’m not quite ready for my bikini shot, my kitchen floor is sparkling.

11 thoughts on “Wishing is Not Good Enough!

  1. OMG! In my late teens and twenties I did the 5BX plan. It was great. I still try to do some of the recommended things, such as walking up stairs taking two at a time. The advantage of it now is that you reach the cream cakes twice as fast as you used to when taking one step at a time. Thanks for bringing all of this back!

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