Healthy Cookies

A Facebook friend posted a recipe for healthy cookies.

“They’re amazing!” she gushed. “Dairy-free, egg-free, fat-free and best of all–my little boy loooves them!”

How could I resist a recipe that’s not only good for you, but kid approved? I hit the kitchen, ready to enjoy some delicious homemade goodness.

What’s left when you take away the dairy, egg and fat from cookies you ask. Not much I discovered!

These had mashed bananas, apple sauce, almond milk and oatmeal.

I didn’t have almond milk so I used skim (so much for dairy-free.) No regular apple sauce, either so I substituted one of those apple/strawberry fruit cups.

My usual breakfast is unsweetened oatmeal cooked with skim milk and topped with fruit. I happily eat it most mornings. These cookies, almost exactly the same as my go to breakfast, should have been fine.

So why were they such a disappointment? Perhaps because the flavour bar is set so much higher for homemade cookies than for oatmeal.

Will I make these again? Perhaps, but with a few changes.

I’ll add chocolate chips and toasted coconut. Chunky peanut butter, too and maybe a bag of mini M&M’s if I remember to pick them up. Oh, and a couple of eggs for a lighter texture and butter to make them melt in your mouth.

Sigh–maybe I’m just not ready to hop on the healthy eating bandwagon.

16 thoughts on “Healthy Cookies

  1. I don’t know why I just ‘liked’ this- I hate mashed banana 😦 But I didn’t have an appropriate response to your following post, not knowing much about the strike. (but I do know my bananas 🙂 )

    • I think they use presses to squeeze the liquid out of the almonds. As to how they turn almond juice into a milky liquid–your guess is as good as mine. This process doesn’t sound like much fun for the almonds so I’m glad they don’t extract cow’s milk this way.

      I’m in total agreement regarding the whipped cream. I’d probably try it if I hadn’t already thrown the cookies out.

  2. Looking at the photos, I thought we were in for another hilarious post, this time with a punchline revealing it was a recipe for dog treats. While I’m here, any progress with naming the boat?

    • I’ve made dog treats in the past and they looked much more appetizing than these beauties. 🙂

      We’ve pretty much agreed on a new name. Now we need to find a painter to handle the rebrand. I’m not sure if it’s bad luck to share the new name of your boat before the paint hits the hull so I’m keeping mum for now.

    • Oh my, I am sorry but I just had to horn in on this conversation as soon as I saw the word “boat.” Being obsessed with all things sea-faring, I could not resist. I keenly look forward to reading more about this “boat” and its naming.

      P.S. Sorry the recipe turned out to be most unappetizing. Your revisions sound much more adequate to the nature of a true cookie 😉

      smiling toad

      • Hello and welcome! We’ve finally taken the first step to re-naming Two Bears! (My sailor asked about painters at the boat shop.) I know–it’s a small step, but at least we’re doing more than just discussing possible names. Re the cookies: I think I’ll stick to my usual buttery, sugary, eggy chocolate chip recipe in future.

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