How to Destroy Your Blog in One Easy Step

Oh dear!

I’ve screwed up, big time.

I was uploading a new photo to my WordPress media library. The process was much slower than usual.

I noticed I had used over 30% of my available storage space. Could this be the reason it had slowed down?

Suddenly I had an idea! Things would obviously speed up if I cleared out the library, creating a virtual storage vacuum that would suck up new pictures like a Chihuahua with a breakfast sausage.

Don’t ask me why, but it made sense at the time.

I deleted hundreds of photos from my WordPress media library. I felt pretty damn good about this virtual de-cluttering, especially since I didn’t do it randomly. I deliberately deleted images I’d already used in my blog. After all, I don’t re-use photos, so why keep these ones around clogging up my library and using my finite amount storage space?

Hours after permanently deleting all these images, I visited The Sailor’s Woman.

Did you know that when photos are deleted from the WordPress media library they’re also deleted from the blog posts on which they appeared?

Neither did I.

The Sailor’s Woman has 172 posts. 148 of them, many gallery posts with multiple photos, have been wrecked.

Sobbing silently on the keyboard doesn’t seem to help.

27 thoughts on “How to Destroy Your Blog in One Easy Step

  1. Oh my, I am so sorry! I can relate a wee bit…I lost over a terabyte of video and photography work…years’ worth…when my drive decided to take a spill. I was so depressed over it that I couldn’t even touch me camera for months. Ironically, in contrast with your situation, I still have some of that lost work saved on my blog!

    By the way, beautiful photo! I hope you may be able to restore some of your posts over time. I have only just discovered your blog and am looking forward to seeing more future photos. Cheers to you!

    smiling toad

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry you lost so much work! It really hurts when something you’ve put your heart into disappears. At least I still have all the photos saved on my computer. I just haven’t had the energy to search for them, upload them to my WordPress library and then add them to the individual posts. With so many photos deleted, it’s an enormous a task.

      Thank you for the comment on this photo. That lovely deer was hanging out in my neighbour’s yard and I ran out to get his picture.

      • Aye, it was a doleful wee tragedy, har har. Ah whale.

        I hope you are able to build them back up over time. If not, well, I am certainly looking forward to the photos of future posts!

        This moment here with the deer is absolutely magical. How incredible you were able to get so close! Just brilliant!

  2. Ahh… Good to know.You know what they say: a wise person learns from their mistakes, whilst a clever person learns from someone else’s…

  3. Great Scott. There are times when one can legitimately use the f-Bomb. But a photo is a photo. The words still ring true.

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