You Can Get That Pierced???

My friend D took her daughters to Seattle. They went to the American Girl Store.

It’s not what it sounds like. You don’t get actual American girls there. It’s a doll store.

“We’re having lunch there,” D told me the day before their trip.

“There’s a snack counter? At a toy store?”

“It’s a bistro,” she said. “We had to postpone our visit because we couldn’t get a table until this week.”

You need reservations? To have lunch at a toy store???

Since I don’t have a daughter, I’m out of the loop. I googled the American Girl Store to see what I’m missing.

I’m missing a lot.

In addition to the bistro, which serves everything from hot meals to high tea, there’s a doll spa and hair salon.

That’s right–for $20 your doll (which is made of plastic) can get a basic facial (not to be confused with the enhanced option which, of course, is more expensive.)

I’ve never had a facial, but my friend’s kids’ dolls are getting them.

I grilled D about it when she got home.

She rolled her eyes when I mentioned the spa treatments. “We did the facials last time. I think it’s a scam because the dolls looked pretty much the same afterwards.”

Ya think?

“But both girls got their dolls’ ears pierced.”

“Ear piercing?”

“Yeah. You can’t buy the doll earrings unless you get their ears pierced at the spa.”

I had many questions about the American Girl experience, the most burning of which was: why didn’t I think of this? I don’t like touching strangers so being a real beautician is out, but exfoliating dolls and piercing their tiny plastic ears? Bring it on!

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