Wordless Wednesday?

Okay, so it’s not quite Wednesday and this post isn’t exactly wordless, but it’s an homage to all those fabulous text-free photo montages many bloggers post on Humpday.

The photos are from a walking tour with my sailor during our recent visit to Powell River.

We both grew up in this isolated town.

Back when I lived there I didn’t appreciate its charm.

I particularly disliked the fact that it was so new. An antique-loving, history-obsessed introvert, I spent my formative years pining for a quaint British village.

It turns out there was history aplenty on my own doorstep and I didn’t even know it!

The Townsite of Powell River has been designated a National Historic Site because it’s an example of an early twentieth century company-planned community. Most of the original 400 or so original buildings are still standing.

Add stunning scenery to the mix and it becomes obvious why I’m pining for a quaint British Columbia village.

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