Random Acts of Bread Pudding

I made two discoveries during a recent day downtown.

The first was bread pudding.

I stopped at Murchie’s for a pot of tea and a snack. Searching for something healthy in the long glass case filled with tarts, eclairs, puddings and pastries, I spied bread pudding. (I realize my level of self-delusion is sky high if I’m able to convince myself that heavy, eggy bread pudding is a healthy choice, but it works for me.)

The server shared some game changing information: Murchie’s doesn’t use bread in their bread pudding. Here’s where it gets really interesting–they use yesterday’s left over pastries! I know–bread pudding made with current scones and flaky blueberry danishes soaked in rich custard and baked until it’s light and fluffy! Add a cup of Earl Grey and it doesn’t get much better!

My second discovery was emotional rather than food-related.

An off duty bus driver passed me on the sidewalk. I was still thinking about my bread pudding, so I didn’t pay much attention to him.

He was several meters past me when a young woman across the street bellowed, “Hey, Mr. Bus Driver!”

Impressed by her projection (has she considered a career on the stage?), I worried about what she’d say next. One stranger screaming at another across a busy street–how could this end well?

“Your backpack is open!”

I turned to look at the bus driver and saw that his backpack was indeed wide open.

He zipped it, shouted thank you, and resumed walking.

I kept walking, too, but I felt a little glow.

Even though I hadn’t been a direct participant in this random act of kindness, I benefited from it. It felt good knowing I live in a community where people look out for one another.

Bread pudding and random acts of kindness–two very good things.

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