The Gift of Time

Sunday afternoon my sailor had some man stuff to do (tracking down a bunch of boats he’d found on Used Victoria.)

My boy needed a new hoodie so the two of us headed to the mall. We used to shop together all the time, but now–not so much.

My boy’s not a browser like me so our day at the mall only lasted about fifteen minutes–the time it took to try on three almost identical hoodies and select the preferred model.

On the way home we passed a movie theatre.

“Hey,” my boy said. “The Amazing Spider Man starts in fifteen minutes. Do you think we could watch it?”

I had about sixteen different things to do at home. It was Spider Man. (Did I mention I’m terrified of spiders and I don’t much like action movies based on comic books?)


During the credits my boy gave me the Coles notes version of the first Amazing Spider Man. (Apparently this was a sequel.)

Afterwards we discussed the finer points of the plot and the possibility of another chapter in the franchise.

An entire afternoon out with my boy! It was the best Mother’s Day present I could have asked for.

I don’t even need a card on Sunday.


6 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

    • I’m missing the time when my boy was really little and loved to be with me. He’s becoming more independent and friend-focussed so it’s a real treat when I get him to myself for an entire afternoon. Every age and stage is special. The challenge (for me!) is to appreciate where we currently are. I hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day!

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