004I almost bought a pair of shoes last week: retro style Adidas runners in, wait for it, pink suede! Even my sailor liked them, pronouncing them a perfect match for skinny jeans.

What held me back? The price for one thing. At $95, I wanted to be sure I’d wear them–lots. The style was another stumbling block. Although they were adorable, I’m not a running shoe kind of girl. If they’d been ballet flats or riding boots, I’d have been all over them without a second thought, but runners…

I needed to sleep on this purchase.

At home that evening, I found a similar, though much less cute, pair of runners from when I sprained my foot and needed supportive shoes. Now I only wear them with yoga pants on the days when I really can’t be bothered.

For casual Friday, I wore them with a pair of skinny jeans to try out this look.

All was good until someone commented that I looked like I was heading off for a run. I was rushing out the door at the time and assumed the comment was directed at my fast pace and not my footwear.

Later, another coworker greeted me. “Hey, it’s Sporty Spice!”

This deserved a snappy comeback. The best I could do was, “Umm.”

As so often happens, hours later I came up with perfect response: “Thanks for saving me $95 plus tax!”

6 thoughts on “$95

    • I’ve read you can justify expensive clothing purchases by computing the cost per wear. I probably wouldn’t wear the snazzy pink runners too often so the cost per wear would be pretty high. But if I knew I was going to wear them every day for a year, the cost per wear would only be about $0.25–peanuts! Who wouldn’t spend a mere quarter to wear pretty pink suede shoes???

      It sounds like you girl is too smart to fall for smoke and mirrors like that to justify overspending.

      I’m still a work in progress. 🙂

  1. You only live once! You should get them!! I wouldn’t be seen dead in pink footwear myself, but then again, I haven’t worn anything of my feet for eleven years! I’m a bit of a burnt-out left wing hippie… I even go to funerals in bare feet!

    • You’re lucky! I’d have so much more money (and closet space!) if I gave up wearing shoes. Sadly, living in Canada, this isn’t an option unless I want to experience the joys of frost bite. You’ve made me re-think the pink runners, though. I see a trip to mall in my near future!

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