Amazing Military Family!!!

We still haven’t found renters for the new place. The agency rep assures us he has a few possibilities and will forward an application any day now.

This is good enough for my sailor, who weirdly never ruminates over worst case scenarios. (Apparently, this is the special talent I bring to the marriage.)

In order to feel pro-active without actually contributing to the situation, I surfed kijiji, used Victoria and craigslist to see what the competition looks like. I’m biased, but I think our house with its water views and peaceful location beats all the other rentals on the market. (If this house was someone’s dad, it could beat up all the other dads, no problem!)

As well as rental properties, I found ads from wannabe renters. One ad resonated with me: Amazing Military Family seeks three-bedroom home for July.

You may be skeptical as to their actual level of amazingness, but based on their ad, I can vouch for their awesomeness.

They have two children who are “assets to any neighbourhood,” two loveable cats and a gorgeous well-behaved golden retriever (I know this because they posted his photo and resume: graduated top of his class from Friendly Fido Obedience School). Their full package of wonderful is completed by a dashing sailor and a devoted mom.

They out perform us in every area: more children, more and better pets and definitely more oomph and enthusiasm.

I showed the ad to my sailor.

“Why can’t we be an Amazing Military Family?”

“We are,” he said. “We are.”

Could he be right?

Well, we have an astro turf basement. That’s pretty amazing. Actually I think (hope) the bright green floor covering is underlay. It doesn’t look much like the carpet I picked out, but who knows? Every day when we get home, workers have done something new to our basement.

We have one super duper boy. I’m not sure if he’s an asset to the neighbourhood, but I’m certain he’s not a deficit.

And the dog? One emotionally needy Chihuahua who has never taken a class, but wags her tail so fast when she welcomes us home it starts her entire body vibrating. Now that’s amazing!

Your thoughts . . .

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