Alert Ref: 350722382377

Oh. My. Gosh!!!

Banking threats abound!

I have been contacted by the folks at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).


We have recently enhance the security for the CIBC online account management system. As a result of these recent enhancement, your CIBC online account was deactived for an 30 day after that is removed from the system. You have to confirm the reactivation of the CIBC online account by filling out the form below. If you receive this e-mail and do you NOT Re(Activate), you are fully responsible for the activity of the account.

Kind Regards, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce”

I think it might be a scam. You see, I do not and have never had a CIBC account.

While I have no experience with CIBC (never having banked with them), I have a feeling any legitimate communication from them might be more, well, grammatically correct.

Most people are probably too sophisticated to respond to messages like this by sending detailed financial information, but each of these scams makes our world a little less trusting and a touch more suspicious.

It’s the Nigerian princes for whom I feel the most sorry. Thanks to scams like this, everyone deletes their emails.

4 thoughts on “Alert Ref: 350722382377

  1. I’m the only one who responds to Nigerian prince emails.
    As a result, the whole troop of them will be transferring billions into my account.

    Any day now…

  2. Dearly beloved in the Lord
    You have been chosen to get 125 million from a hitherto unknown great aunt who lived in the Congo. Just send me your bank account details and password and I’ll forward the money.
    Your friend
    Manfred Cloth

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