Bad News :(

They say all good things must come to an end, and it’s true.

I bought a new vacuum cleaner tonight.

It was time.

The area rug is luxuriant with a thick layer of Chihuahua hair. Ritz cracker crumbs add an unexpected crunchy texture to the trip from chesterfield to fridge. The dust bunnies are big enough to take out the Easter Bunny. And the cobwebs! They’re thick as Tarzan’s vines and they festoon every corner. (What are cobwebs, exactly?)

My sailor interrupted the dog rolling on the carpet, grinding some ancient Milk Bone crumbs into its woof and its weave.

“I think she’s happy the house finally smells like her.”

“Well, it’s her home, too,” I said, hoping to postpone the inevitable.

“I’ll stop at Walmart after work tomorrow and get a new vacuum.”

Sigh. “I’ll do it.”

I’ve never gone this long without vacuuming. (Please don’t do the math and figure out exactly how long it’s been.) My sailor, raised by a fastidious ER nurse and a retired Army Sergeant, has never gone half this long without vacuuming.

I’ve enjoyed being liberated from a machine that literally sucks, but all good things must come to an end.

Tonight I bought a new vacuum cleaner and tomorrow I’ll vacuum . . . or the next day.

10 thoughts on “Bad News :(

  1. We had to give up and get a new one when we got Max. Our old one was about thirty years old, we’d inherited from BBC2’s dad. We’ve lived here twelve years now and after getting the new one was amazed to see there is actually a pattern in one of our carpets! Lol, now let’s talk about dusting…we’re with Quentin Crisp on this one (not really) but he said, after seven years the dust doesn’t get worse and doesn’t show….

    • I got a canister vacuum this time. I can’t count how many times my old upright tipped over and hit me on the head when I was hunched over using the cleaning nozzle to get under furniture. (Hmmm–maybe that’s one reason I hate vacuuming so much.)

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