3 Deep Dark Sailor Secrets Revealed!

People tell me I’m fortunate to be married to my sailor. “He’s such a kind, caring husband,” they say. “You’re so lucky to have him!”

It’s nice that they appreciate his positive qualities, but no one ever tells him he’s lucky to have me.

I think it’s time to reveal some sailor secrets. Sure, he’s a pretty good husband, but he’s far from perfect. In fact there have been a number of recent sailor-related disappointments.

Here are they are in no particular order:

1. Since he moans about my movie selections (the last one I dragged him to was Saving Mr. Banks) I found a manly adventure with a thrilling nautical theme–Sharknado! Is it a weather-related disaster story or a terrifying shark tale? It’s both! It’s way outside my comfort zone, but I wanted to share a cinematic experience with my sailor. Sadly even the high action of Sharknado wasn’t enough to keep me awake once we snuggled up to watch it. I fell asleep soon after the hero repelled over the side of a bridge to rescue a school bus full of stranded teenagers terrorized by sharks swimming along the freeway. The next day when I suggested we watch it again so I could see the ending, my sailor refused. I won’t repeat his review, but if I want to find out how Sharknado ends (and who wouldn’t?) I’m on my own.

2. He won’t attend a local charity event with me. It’s for charity. It’s quality time we could spend together. What’s not to like? Apparently, plenty. He grimaced when I suggested it, but I almost had him when I mentioned there’d be cake and coffee.

“But I’ll probably be the only guy there…”

“I think there’ll be a few male models.”

“It’s a men’s fashion show?”

“Not exactly. It’s wedding fashions from the 1920’s to the 1960’s!”

I lost him there.

3. The turkey issue remains unresolved. I grew up with certain expectations, namely three turkeys a year–Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. His family culture doesn’t include an Easter turkey so he won’t cook one despite my considerable nagging. Our Easter tradition includes brunch at the Wardroom. It’s a lovely event, but nothing says Easter to me like a loved one spending a day in the kitchen roasting me a turkey.

Am I lucky to have my sailor? I suppose, but he’s pretty lucky to have me, too.


6 thoughts on “3 Deep Dark Sailor Secrets Revealed!

  1. I think you should try to win him over with the emotional cinematic opus, Mega Python vs Gatoroid!
    Plus it has a fight scene between Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

    I know, right?

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