Merry Thanksmas!

I elbowed my sailor awake at 8:00 Sunday morning.

“Wake up!” I hissed. “You have to soak your turkey!”

His eyes popped open. Being a sailor, he assumed soak your turkey was a euphemism for something fun.

It wasn’t.

He had to soak his frozen turkey to defrost it for roasting. Sunday was to be our family’s Thanksmas celebration–an amalgamation of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the two turkey roasting opportunities he’d missed.

His initial disappointment aside, my sailor performed admirably, putting together a complicated turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade stuffing, two different vegetables and cranberry sauce. (Okay, the cranberry sauce came from a can, but he did transfer that gelatinous mass into a pretty serving dish.)

He was in the kitchen for hours, chopping, boiling, mashing, stuffing and all manner of other cooking verbs.

Afterward, I loaded the dishwasher, but he dealt with the grosser aspects of clean-up–disposing of the stripped carcass and scrubbing the roasting tin.

In short, he performed like a kitchen champion.

And he thanked me for providing the opportunity to work his fingers to bone for me.

I love Thanksmas!

12 thoughts on “Merry Thanksmas!

    • It’s the making of the stock that’s so daunting. Neither of us has ever attempted it. I have seen your turkey and stuffing soup and thought it looked delicious. I was particularly impressed by your idea of adding stuffing. I’ve never seen that before.

      • Not meaning to nag, but the basic stock is the turkey carcass and some chopped up vegetables simmered for a couple of hours in water. Drain and throw away the carcass and vegs and you have your basic stock with tons of goodness. Add a couple of chicken stock cubes for added flavour, bung in some lentils and whatever else you have around and voila – turkey soup! Go on, give it a go next time…

  1. A very happy holiday to you all!
    next time, take the carcass and scraps and turn it into soup!

    (Please post an NSFW note at the top next time. I’m now explaining to coworkers that being woken to “soak your turkey” is not, in fact, a sexual euphemism.)
    (Which doesn’t mean I won’t be using it as one next holiday season!) 😉

  2. WOW! It looks delicious! It brought back (for me) a million memories – all good ones, so don’t panic. Celebrate every breathe! Thanks for sharing…

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