Gobble Gobble

I picked up a surprise for my sailor on Friday–a frozen turkey!

I would’ve gotten him a fresh turkey, but the local Safeway only stocks them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkey lovers looking for a fowl fix at other times must settle for frozen.

Fresh or frozen–it’s no big deal for me as I won’t be involved in its preparation. (I’ll likely be shopping or reading.)

The guy at the meat counter explained that my sailor will have to soak his turkey (breast side down, mind you–apparently this is very important for some reason) in cold water for six to eight hours before cooking to defrost it. He’ll have to remember to change the water every two hours.

It will be like caring for some flabby water-dwelling pet for the better part of a day–until he massages its wet hide with oil and herbs and slaps it into a hot oven!

I can’t wait for our upcoming feast, especially since I’m ultimately responsible for it. Although I won’t be cooking, I did take matters into my own hands (buying my sailor a frozen turkey.) Woo hoo–I’m finally going to get my much-anticipated sailor-prepared turkey dinner.

Surprisingly, my sailor’s come onboard and he’s also feeling pretty good about my plans. (Possibly because I also picked up a bottle of Jack Daniels, which I’ve heard is necessary for a happy turkey chef.)

4 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

  1. Don’t believe the crap about a frozen turkey. Defrost it several days ahead, and when cooking, make sure you cover it at first for the first hour, then baste it every thirty minutes until done. It will be as tender as buggery. That’s my recipe anyway. πŸ˜€ The inside temperature (say on the leg) should be:

    Roast in 325Β°F (162.7777778Β°C) oven. Internal temperature should reach 185Β°F (85Β°C).

    6 to 8 pounds will take 3 to 3Β½ hours.
    8 to 12 pounds will take 3Β½ to 4Β½ hours.
    12 to 16 pounds will take 4Β½ to 5Β½ hours.
    16 to 20 pounds will take 5Β½ to 6Β½ hours.
    20 to 24 pounds will take 6Β½ to 7 hours.

    Let stand for about twenty minutes after removing from oven.
    I’ve always cooked the perfect turkey!!!!
    Best of luck!

    • Good advice–thank you! I’ll pass it along to my sailor. His only problem will be that he doesn’t have several days to defrost it. I hatched my plan for a turkey dinner on Friday after work and he’s cooking Sunday. He may have to resort to the bathing bird technique to get it oven-ready in time.

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