I’ve Lost the Christmas Chocolate!

008Home for less than a month and my sailor is already gone again.

This time not to war–huge sigh of relief. His mother has some medical issues so he’s returned to Powell River to help her out. Although I’m glad he’s caring enough to support his mom when she needs it, I’m also feeling a big grumpy. (Yes, I realize this is not my finest moment.)

He’s been away almost a week of his month-long post-deployment leave with no firm return date. Best case scenario, he could be home by mid-week. Worst case–this could drag on for most of his time off.

Is he an exemplary son?–you bet! He spent most of his pre-deployment leave with his mom, too. His caring and compassion are qualities I love. I’m just disappointed his leave is ticking away and we’re not together.

What’s a girl to do on a lonely Friday night when she finds herself without her sailor, you ask.

My first choice is the standard: Chardonnay. Unfortunately there was only about half a glass left. (Who runs out of wine??? I can’t believe I let this happen!)

Right then, on to plan B: chocolate. If only I could remember where I put it. All the half-price Boxing Day chocolate has disappeared. I’ve looked in all my usual hiding places, but to no avail. My boy assures me he didn’t eat it and I believe him. I’m the one with the voracious sweet tooth, not him.

When all else fails there’s always custard. One of the classic comfort foods of my childhood. I always have Bird’s Custard powder, milk and sugar. Custard is an easy peasy sweet treat. A monkey could make it if he had opposable thumbs. It’s never failed me–until tonight. Instead of a warm silky pudding, I ended up with a bright yellow mass the texture of loose scrambled eggs.

And I ate it anyway!

Ugh–it’s going to be a long weekend.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Lost the Christmas Chocolate!

  1. Firstly, you ran out of wine?!? Secondly, not finding the stash of chocolate is almost unbelievable…but thirdly, Birds custard as scrambled eggs? OMG! Lol…hope that sailor get home soon and his mum is ok! Was thinking about you the other day…BBC2 tried an experiment with rice pudding and it was delicious. Have told him he must make it again so we can post it…watch this space!

    • My sailor arrived home late last night and it’s a good thing he got out when he did. There have been ferry cancellations because it’s so windy today. His brother’s coming next week to help out their mom for a bit. Still no wine! I did the grocery shopping this morning, but didn’t have time to stop for wine. (This has never happened before!) The Christmas chocolate remains MIA, but I’m going to be SO happy when it finally turns up. As for the custard–I still don’t know what went wrong. but it was bad! Looking forward to your new, improved rice pudding as this treat is near and dear to my heart!

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