Normal Baking Has Now Been Resumed or Chocolate Chip Cookies Circa 2014

With the holidays well and truly behind us, it’s time to put away the molasses, nutmeg and cinnamon and get back to regular baking–chocolate chip cookies!

New year, new recipe. This one was on the back of the Chipits bag. It’s a bit unusual because it uses only brown sugar (almost as much sugar as flour) instead of a mixture of brown and white. I figured this would add moisture and a deeper, caramel flavour so I went with it.

This recipe excited me because it starts with melted butter. I don’t have an electric mixture so I must use brute force to cream softened butter with sugar. Starting with melted butter takes the heavy work out of baking.

I added a splash of vanilla even though it wasn’t in the recipe because vanilla equals flavour. I also love its scent and feel particularly baker-ly when I cook with it.

The verdict: heavy dense cookies with very little flavour (thank goodness I added vanilla–they’d have been like lumps of plaster without it.)

I’m not giving up on the idea of melted butter for baking, but I’m going to tweak some other things.

Your thoughts . . .

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