Happy 2014!

True confession–I fell asleep well before midnight on New Year’s Eve. As expected (I am nothing if not predictable) I was lounging in front of the TV. As unexpected (even I have the capacity to surprise–occasionally) I was watching a Walking Dead marathon and not a glitzy New Year’s Eve count down show.

Surprisingly my choice of programme was somewhat uplifting. It was a repeat of season two–the survivors were living a bucolic, somewhat safe post-apocalyptic life on Hershel’s farm. However, in some ways it was real downer because (spoiler alert) most of the characters will be dead and walking by mid-season four. (Shane–I know you had to go, but I still miss you!)

When I woke up and wiped the trickle of drool off my chin, it was already 2014. I still occasionally regress and write 2012 so the new year will add yet another layer of challenge to daily life.

Instead of resolutions, I’ve decided to focus on being grateful for all the blessings I have at the beginning of 2014, which is, I suppose, a resolution in itself.

Here are some things I am lucky to have:

1. My sailor came home–woo hoo! I’m still tickled every time I realize that he’s here, he’s safe and his deployment didn’t drag on until Easter as originally planned. When I mentioned my paralyzing worry about him every moment he was in Afghanistan, he replied, “I know you worry. That’s why I never mentioned the explosions…” Damn straight I didn’t need to know about explosions!

2. Family in general. After a lovely Christmas with family visiting from Ontario, Alberta and Vancouver, I’m extra grateful for extended family as well as my own tight-knit little family unit. We even got the extraordinary gift of new family members this year. No, there were no precious new babies. A distant cousin from Calgary who discovered us with her keen research skills came for Christmas with her daughter. While all his friends are bragging about new technology, my boy can say he got a couple of new cousins for Christmas. Nothing can beat that!

3. Friends are pretty special, too. I’m an introvert who is becoming more bookish and less social as the years pass, but I haven’t quite reached recluse status yet. I had the opportunity to visit with many friends this holiday–a few from high school, one from university and one from my newlywed days in Halifax. Not only is it great to catch up with these people, but we have a shared history of a time in our lives that’s long past.

If I was going to make a resolution (other than being more appreciative), I’d try to be more flexible and embrace change. Change has always been difficult and my sailor has become adept at talking me through major upheavals like moves or vacations. While change isn’t always good (watch the season two finale of The Walking Dead if you doubt this!) it is a constant in life. Happy, successful people go with the flow. I resolve to take a deep breath, dip my toe in the river of change and embrace the ride.

All the best in 2014!


6 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. Yes! Happy 2014! And the change bit is (to me) spot on. I shall try and embrace it. For New Year’s Eve, I was awaiting midnight. And then around 10pm I felt tired and said I was going to bed. The next morning, I said “Oh shit! That’s right. It was New Year’s Eve.” I had forgotten. I felt kinda foolish!

    • First thing on the first I went for a slow neighbourhood jog. (My first since getting over bronchitis.) I appreciated going to sleep early the night before, especially when it started to rain later in the morning. Yes! My sleepy ways got me out and jogging while it was still nice and dry. You weren’t foolish–you were sensible! Good luck with the change thing. I’m already a bit stressed about plans we’ve made for 2014 which will involve, you guessed it, big change.

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