Reunited and it Feels so Good?

Our Christmas plans continue to be derailed.

D and I always spend the first weekend of the holidays together. Usually I go to her in Vancouver for the enhanced shopping opportunities. (Last year we even managed a day of international shopping in Seattle!)

This year as my sailor had only just returned, I didn’t want to go away even for a weekend. (We’re still in the gushy honeymoon stage of reunification!) Since I couldn’t come to her, D decided to come to Victoria. Yes! In addition to quality time with my sailor, I was getting my girl time with D. I’d get to have my fruitcake and eat it, too.

I planned a low key weekend with shopping (of course!), afternoon tea at the Empress, which is stunningly decorated at this time of year, and a dinner out with my two boys.

It would have been great–if the weather had cooperated. Instead, we had snow and icy rain on the busiest travel weekend of the year and D had to postpone her visit. Barring another freak snow storm, she’ll come in the New Year and our fun fun fun weekend will consist of browsing Boxing Day sale left-overs and an afternoon tea that will still be delicious, but will the lack the charm provided by looping garlands of holly and thousands of fairy lights.

At least we made it to Powell River safely and the weather is lovely now–more May than December.

And we’re together again–a big plus when nothing else seems to be going according to plan.

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