Special Delivery

DSCF1168My sailor emailed that he’s puting together a parcel of wonderful things from the Friday markets and will be mailing it shortly.

I can’t wait!

The main article is a hand-woven wool rug. Over the months he’s been away, he’s sent photos of various rugs for my input on pattern, size and colour.

Big ticket items like room-size rugs are sold at the men’s market, which is held three Fridays a month. I’m looking forward to recieving the carpet. I adore patterned area rugs like this. We even have a couple of cheaply made polyester ones that are getting a bit threadbare so a vibrant wool rug will fit into our home beautifully.

But it’s the smaller things from the monthly women’s market that really intrigue me–hand crafted articles like a table runner and a collapsible wooden serving bowl. I can’t even picture this in my head and I didn’t ask for pictures because I want to be surprised when it arrives.

Not only am I looking forward to getting something new and beautiful, but I’m happy my sailor was able to support these women in this small way. I can’t begin to imagine what life is like for them, particularly the mothers raising children in such an unstable, dangerous place.

Born in Britain and raised in Canada, I truly won life’s lottery. Unlike many immigrants, we didn’t move because we were fleeing hardship or poverty. My family had a comfortable, middle class life in Wales. My dad just had itchy feet and a desire to experience what was over the horizon. (Hmm–maybe he should have been a sailor instead of a millwright.)

My mom finally put her foot down when he got the wander lust again and proposed a move to Australia. She just wanted a home and place to raise her kids. We were all settled in Canada, and she had no intention of uprooting us again.

I used to regret that missed opportunity until I read about some of the nasty critters down under. Australia has quite an assortment of poisonous snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlies. I’ll stick with grizzly bears and cougars–at least they’re cute and cuddly!

This reminds me–I need to tell my sailor to be vigilant when he’s packing up my loot to mail it. I’ve read about the camel spiders in Afghanistan. As big as the palm of your hand, they can run up to thirty miles an hour and they’re REALLY scary looking.

At least you never have to worry about a grizzly sneaking into a package before you mail it.

2 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. I love the rugs, and the tales of your dad with the wanderlust bug. I’ve heard about the creepy crawlies in Australia too, but I’ve also heard its a great place to live, so I suppose you’d just have to pack the insect spray and avoid snakes

    • Thank you for your comment! Soon after marrying my sailor I learned of an agreement where members of Commonwealth militaries can apply to transfer to another country in the Commonwealth. Creepy crawlies aside, I badgered my sailor to apply for the Australian Navy because everything I’ve ever heard about Australia indicates it’s a fabulous place. The experience taught me something about each of us. My sailor is like Captain Canada, and will never consider serving in another nation’s military, and I got more than my unruly hair from my dad.

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